In House of Bohn fashion, we knew gold would be the perfect color for the office kitchen. I wanted a statement kitchen that was loud, edgy, sophisticated and cool and really wanted it to be reflective of the House of Bohn brand. We decided to design the kitchen in one color and that one color being GOLD! Choosing one color created such a warm feeling in the space and was extremely high impact.


On top of doing an all gold kitchen, there were elements of the unexpected sprinkled throughout. One of my favorite parts of the kitchen that made the entire space special was the hardware and in particular, the hardware on the island. I loved seeing the cone knobs in groupings of 4, it gave the island so much character and it isn’t something you see everyday!


One thing that was extremely important to us was to have a TV that would showcase our portfolio to clients that come and visit our office. We planned our entire kitchen around the TV in fact! The beauty about the LG OLED GX Gallery Design TV is that it displays photos in high definition, is flush mount to the wall, and has a gallery option that lets you display artwork that looks and feels so real. The Kitchen is the most high traffic area and you have to pass the kitchen to get to all major areas in the office so we knew we had to have a statement. Being intentional about what you want out of a space and prioritizing the items that are of utmost importance to you can really the process.


You can learn more about the process, decisions and behind the scenes that went into the House of Bohn Office Kitchen on Karin's #Bohnafide series on YouTube linked below.