My summer patio transformation was set out to create a personal oasis by bringing the indoors, outside. The first item I purchased from Article was the because it set the tone for the remainder of my furniture selection. I always recommend choosing your largest pieces of furniture first and to go a little bit bigger than you think, this is because you often underestimate how big a space is. As opposed to contrasting my patio set-up, I decided to opt for a tonal look and feel. What this means is that I played off the dark grey on my walls by adding a light grey couch. The end result of this tonal vibe gave the patio a very calm, relaxing and soothing feel.


Especially for an outdoor space where I am hoping to host and entertain, I love the idea of incorporating multi-purpose furniture. The from Article does exactly that! It serves as a coffee table, somewhere to kick your feet up, or as a bench for additional seating. Not only is the functional, but the wood tones were another layer I added in that was incorporated throughout my entire patio. Another option to additional seating that also serves as a side table for drinks or a good book were the , the and the I placed around my patio. Lastly, the is a great addition to the space because it incorporates the wood tones I have throughout and a great option for additional seating. 


The finishing touches my patio needed were some great decor pieces and greenery! These Peruvian Sun Mirrors (Here, Here and Here) were just what was needed to add a touch of glam. They are painted wood mirrors and because they reflect light, they made my patio feel bright and airy. Adding in greenery was a must for me and it really made the patio feel like an outdoor oasis. The numerous plants in different shapes and sizes made the space feel lush and layered which is something I strive for when putting the finishing touches on a space.