Project Description

Anh + Chi

The family run iconic noodle shop on Main Street, formally known as Pho Hoang Vietnamese Restaurant, opened their doors back in 1983. As the first and longest standing Pho specialty house in Vancouver, it was time for an update. Anh + Chi (meaning eldest brother and eldest sister) approached the interior designers at House of Bohn to transform the space into a youthful, fresh Vietnamese restaurant where people could come to dine and enjoy a cocktail at the bar. This concept was atypical of a traditional Vietnamese restaurant. In order to develop the interior design concept, our design team researched Vietnam extensively and were inspired by the lush landscapes, colorful traditional attire, as we’ll as the array of texture and colour presented in their cuisine.

In order to create a lounge atmosphere, House of Bohn wanted to locate the bar in the centre of the space and act as the main focal point. The custom wood pattern on the face of the bar was inspired by rolling hills of Vietnam. Behind the bar, House of Bohn designed custom panels created with hundreds of chopsticks that formed a radial pattern inspired by traditional Vietnamese fans. Palm printed wall paper lined the washroom walls to reflect the lush, tropical landscapes found in Vietnam and the brass chandelier over the chef’s table was made to resemble straw hats. Overall the space was layered with different wood tones, retro elements and wall tile imported from Vietnam to create a modernized space full of nostalgic elements to remind you of where it all started from.