Project Description

McCleery & Magee Residence 1

McCleery & Magee is a single-family residential development in South Vancouver. This 4,500 SQFT home is the first of 8 homes to be built as part of the development. The home is situated in an idyllic Vancouver setting surrounded by forest, parks, and is in close proximity to the McCleery & Magee golf course, as well as the Southlands Riding club.

House of Bohn was commissioned to handle the interior design of this luxury property in 2017. The House of Bohn team wanted to create a luxury residence that caters to family-living with five bedrooms, five and a half baths, open-concept living with a large kitchen and family room, a spice kitchen, as well as generous dining areas, living spaces, office and/or media room areas, and a full-sized laundry.

Interior design cues are taken from the rich history of the Southlands area as Fitzgerald McCleery and Hugh Magee were amongst the first settlers in this area, dating back to the 1860’s. As such, both traditional and modern elements are incorporated into the interior design to create a luxurious, custom-home aesthetic with hints of European and classic touches. Large detailed mouldings and casings throughout the home give it a beautiful craftsman feel, while large, oversized lighting creates a sense of drama and luxury inside each room.

Fixtures and hardware are selected with brushed gold tones to emphasize a modern aesthetic while at the same time juxtaposing the traditional interior architecture. The sense of drama and modern aesthetic is further reinforced with a bold, playful blue kitchen island as well as bold, playful wall finishings in the dining room and master bathroom.

Traditional materials such as Italian marble adorn the kitchen countertops and fireplaces, while rustic, oak floors add to the craftsman tones in this home.

Overall, a warm, cozy yet luxurious residence was designed and built with exceptional craftsmanship. This home showcases an interior design style that is traditional and modern, yet breath-taking and beautiful all at the same time.