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Raw Canvas

House of Bohn was commissioned for the interior design of Raw Canvas, a 800sqft skin bar located in Fort Langley, BC.

House of Bohn signed onto this project in early June of 2019 and the space was a blank canvas. Raw Canvas was able to open their doors in January of 2020 giving the House of Bohn team a total of 7 months in construction. The whole idea around Raw Canvas was to offer skin services that catered to each individuals raw canvas. One thing you will notice in this space is all of the natural light just flooding in. We wanted to keep the treatment rooms along the wall to allow for the main reception and seating area to soak up all of that natural light.

Must halves at Raw Canvas were to have a great reception area, space for product and retail, 2 treatments rooms, a small staff area with a kitchenette and a great waiting area. The space need to be bright and clean and was inspired by Scandinavian minimalism. Pale woods, light walls, soft furniture, organic and blush tones, rattan and a little glamour with brass and gold accents are seen throughout the space. Beauty in the raw was important so we opted for hardwood over laminate, and stone over any other material. The entire space achieved everything we were after and the outcome is stunning.