Q+A With Anicka


It’s easy to tell that Anicka Quin is a hardworking women. Clearly, you don’t graduate from Editor-In-Chief to the Editorial Director of not one, but TWO magazines (Western Living and Vancouver Magazine) by anything short of hustle, heart and hard work.


While I’m particularly interested in people who aren’t afraid to sweat it out for their career, I was especially keen on interviewing Anicka for my Cocktail Conversations series because she’s also incredibly, well, nice. (I know, weird – right?) When you meet her in person she gives off an energy that’s really down to earth and genuinely present. 

Those qualities aren’t easy to come by these days, especially in a deadline-based, demanding career like hers. This is not the Editorial Director who barks at interns and throws fur coats around for them to catch. This is a women who genuine prides herself in teamwork, positive leadership, and fostering a sense of community and fulfillment within her team. So much so in fact, that she’s had the lowest staff turn-over rate either of the magazines has ever seen.


When I met Anicka for the first time a couple of years ago, I was struck by her humble nature. I’ve always been curious to know how she manages her career, maintains her friendliness (and her cool), and what her thoughts are on the changing landscape of print magazines today.


Watch the video below to find out more about Anicka and what advice she would offer those looking to get into magazine media today.

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