I absolutely love to make a statement and use wallpaper over paint whenever I can. Using wallpaper is great because it adds more depth and interest to a space where paint can typically read very flat. Wallpaper can also come in a variety of different patterns and textures which further adds to how much fun you can have with your walls.


The beauty about wallpaper is that there is a pattern and design for everyone! I love going bold and choosing unique wallpaper that really transports a space into an entirely new environment. Throughout my office, I chose bold patterns that were completely different from one another so that each space felt different and dynamic. When I renovated my home, I was able to have a lot of fun with the powder room and chose a very bold and fun tropical wallpaper that was less than traditional.


The beauty about wallpaper is that you can go as bold or as simple as you’d like. I am drawn to wallpaper that is bold and interesting and love how wallpaper can evoke a feeling. For me, choosing a bold and colorful wallpaper for the House of Bohn office was key because I really wanted the spaces to evoke creativity and character that were also fun and unique!