Project Description

North Vancouver Townhouse

Nestled in North Vancouver, this 1,400 SQFT townhouse was a full renovation, stripped down to the studs and completely remodeled.

The townhouse was originally built in 1995 and came with its original finishings, including white plastic laminate cabinetry, pink laminate countertops and sea-foam green carpet throughout… even on most of the master bathroom floor!

The original kitchen was contained within a small space and all bathrooms were dark and understated.

Karin, along with the help of her interior design team, completely transformed and modernized the 2-bedroom, 2.5 bathroom space.

The floor plan was completely opened up so that the main floor kitchen, living and dining areas are open-concept living space. The dramatic black kitchen with shaker panel cabinets is contrasted with beautiful whitewashed barn-board floors. Gold fixtures and hardware are sprinkled throughout the home, while varying tones of marble can be found on countertops, tabletops, the fireplace and bathroom floors, giving the townhouse an elevated aesthetic.

“I wanted the space to feel glamorous and modern, but still comfortable and cozy… it had to be beautiful, but still needs to look like it really belongs in North Vancouver,” says Karin now that the renovation is complete.

With the addition of rustic wood beams as well as beautiful traditional-profiled doors and casings that are painted in a classic white, this interior design project achieves a distinct North Vancouver spirit that is cozy and warm, and still edgy, glamorous, and beautiful.