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Vanilla Loft

House of Bohn was commissioned for the interior design of Vanilla Loft, a hair salon located in North Vancouver, BC.

The salon is approximately 960 SQFT and the interior design is inspired by the idea of an open-concept, artist’s loft. 6 styling chairs line a feature wall where white-washed, textured brick is installed to add character and personality in the space. In addition to the brick, House of Bohn created a custom design for large organic-shaped full-length mirrors. These oversized brass-colored mirrors add a unique and unusual design aesthetic to the space.

The kitchen at the back of the salon serves as a completely multi-purpose and functional space. The oversized kitchen island doubles as a work zone where stylists can mix product at the color bar, it acts as storage, as well as a seating area for guests who may be waiting for their next appointment or simply socializing while sipping on a coffee.

Opposite to the stylist stations is a dramatic but soft pink wall that runs the length of the salon. This wall is playful backdrop for Vanilla Loft’s living room vignette where a modern but bohemian sofa and gallery wall installation is located. This “living room” is the perfect spot for guests to relax and flip through a magazine and the installation gives the space its distinct bohemian charm.

In addition to the living room, the pink wall also serves as a backdrop to a double-sink wash station as well as a retail wall. Similar to the kitchen island, the design team at House of Bohn designed the retail shelves in a walnut material. Combined with the pink, the walnut wood tones give the salon a retro-vibe, which is at the heart of the House of Bohn aesthetic.

Combining materials like brick, walnut and brass, with colors like pink and white, is what drives the success of the interior design for this space. The combination of the unusual colors and materials help establish the Vanilla Loft brand and set it apart as a unique and distinctly recognizable salon. Vanilla Loft is undoubtedly a great artistic addition to the North Vancouver community.