I am all about using natural materials and I love incorporating new ways to use natural materials in my work. This year, the House of Bohn team and I experimented with a new wood application for millwork which is a rotary cut red oak. We loved it so much that we used the material for the large TV millwork unit, bedroom headboard, dining room sideboard, and organization piece for the garage to give the home an overall high impact, comfortable and cohesive feel.


I love exposing the rich and textural quality of wood grain. While plywood is typically viewed as an inexpensive material, when you look closely at it, it really does have a unique and beautiful wood grain quality to it. We wanted to mimic that grain in a solid wood so we designed this model home using solid rotary-cut red oak in a natural stain.


I can’t think of a better summer trend than bringing the outdoors inside, and this gorgeous millwork certainly does exactly that! This 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom townhome was designed with a couple in mind who have a modern aesthetic and love the outdoors. That is why using Rotary Cut Red Oak was the perfect choice and really brought the entire home to life.